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VET Development in Syunik marz, Armenia
Facilitation of dialogue between private sector and VET schools. Capacity-building of the experts involved in the development development and piloting of new training course in milk processing - ToT for teachers and master trainers - support to the Goris Agricultural College and ANAU to promote and implement courses for private sector in delivery of advisory services. - support to market players in milk and meat value chains to improve the delivery of advisory services
Departement BFH | Hochschule für Agrar-, Forst- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften
Forschungsschwerpunkt Wissenssysteme und -transfer
Forschungsfeld Wissenssysteme und -transfer
Projektziel Improvement of VETquality and provision of access to innovative, relevant and effective training programs for the rural population. Strenghening collaboration between employers and VET schools. Skill development in the value chain of milk.
Kernkompetenzen Job analysis, curriculum development, teaching and extension approaches and methodology, improvement of animal health care and milk processing in difficult situations
Schlüsselwörter Vocational Training, Curriculum Development, Milk processing, Teaching methodology
Projektverantwortliche/r Robert Lehmann,
Projektleiter/in Johannes Brunner,
Projektteam Robert Lehmann
Johannes Brunner
Stefanie Graf
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Projektbeginn 01.12.2016
Geplantes Projektende 30.11.2020
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